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Breakaway Training located in Portland, Oregon

Do you want to ride your first century? Or become more comfortable and confident riding out on the road? Do you want to compete in a triathlon? Or need help achieving your race goals? Or how about gaining confidence and skills riding your mountain bike?

Breakaway Training provides coaching and consultation services, classes and products for recreational and competitive endurance athletes: whether you are a runner, triathlete or cyclist. We work with athletes who want to race and also those who want to participate in these sports as part of an active and healthy lifestyle, regardless of your age, fitness, and experience. (We work with kids too.) 

Need accountability and motivation to get started on a healthy lifestyle? Consider Breakaway Training's one-on-one (that can include in-home) personal training sessions for clean eating assistance and conditioning workouts (strength, range of motion, and cardio).

We strive to help you reach your athletic / exercise goals safely by helping you become a functional and durable athlete. And we do this by keeping your training balanced within the context of your family and work life. We're cautious of not subjecting the body (and mind) to unnecessary wear and tear. We want you to have a long and prosperous career in the activities you enjoy.


Registration is open for 2019 Winter Indoor Cycling Class: A Tuesday evening class at 6pm held at Cascade Bikes.

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Are you wanting to make some changes to the way you are living, but have trouble getting started or to keep it going?

Do you like the sound of having a health coach serving as a creative and thoughul partner along for the journey?

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